How to draw the figure steps

How to draw the figure video 1 – Reilly drawing technique


In one of my previous posts about figure drawing I embedded a video by artist and teacher Donelli J. DiMAria. I watched some of these educational video’s from the you tube channel where they are hosted, and immediately realised just how helpful his drawing course would be for our learners. Actually for any level! I […]

How to draw the figure!

I am currently getting together some educational materials to bring to a life drawing class I’m organising to help ‘first timers’ draw the figure. e.g where to start! How to measure etc. I have written about this a few times. Topics I have included previously: How to draw the figure – where to start  If you […]

How to draw the figure – measuring proportion with pencil and thumb

First – did you read about placement? Find proportions using the pencil and thumb method This is a really useful measuring tool for achieving accuracy in figure drawing. Once you get the hang of it – it’s simple – and involves only a pencil and your own thumb! You might see artists doing this in […]

How to draw the figure – placement

Placement – getting ready to block in the figure Did you read part 1? OK – the story so far: 1. You have familiarised yourself a little with: –  the muscles – the skeleton 2. You’ve grabbed some materials (charcoal, pencil for measuring the figure, paper, easel or board) 3.  Your model is in front of you […]

How to draw the figure – your journey begins

You have the subject and the materials – now where to start? There is plenty of information on the internet about figure drawing (from life, our poses, or photographs) including plenty of visual references. Resources range from a useful blog post or article through to lengthy online courses and books you can order online. You […]