Life Drawing – Figure Drawing Tips

How to draw the figure – for first timers


I recently tried to get a group together for a life drawing class (semi-clothed) in the small coastal town where I live. It proved to be more difficult than I anticipated  – we had quite a few people who had added their name to the list in advance, however only 2 turned up to draw […]

How to make a figure drawing look 3 dimensional

Do your figure drawings look a little flat? The elements below are all very important to achieve depth and give you that 3D look you might be striving for. You can also practice these things, with a simple object in your home, and a light source. – Value (light, shade placement) – Cast shadow (related […]

Perspective and foreshortening

What is foreshortening? Foreshortening in a figure drawing makes parts of the model closest to you appear much larger relative to other parts, for instance a head can appear as big as a leg. “A familiar example of foreshortening would be when you look down a long straight road lined with trees, the two edges […]

Using my iphone to practice my figure drawing

I was asked to do some “sketchy style” icons for a client a little while ago. I initially used photoshop and illustrator to create the images (to look like pencil or marker sketches) but wasn’t 100% happy. I then thought I’d hop onto the iphone which seems to solve all problems, and quickly discovered the […]

Line and mass gesture drawings

We have mentioned the phrase “gesture drawing” quite a few times on this site. Gesture drawing is actually my favourite kind of drawing so you will see more posts in the future. Here is a quick recap about gesture drawing: – Gesture drawing is an opportunity to go after the energy, weight and tension in […]

How to define EDGE in your figure drawings

What is an edge? Erik Gist describes edges as the transition between light and dark. “Any time you have a light and dark value coming together within a form, a corner or change of plane is created visually.” How to depict an edge To describe form or show edges in my drawing, I use line. […]

Drawing the envelope can help with an accurate figure drawing

Do you struggle with seated or foreshortened poses? Many artists begin their figure drawing sketching in the ‘envelope’ which is a very basic shape constructed with straight lines that encompasses the figure. This technique will help you accurately capture the proportions of the figure from the very start of your session, especially with those harder […]

How to draw the figure video 1 – Reilly drawing technique

In one of my previous posts about figure drawing I embedded a video by artist and teacher Donelli J. DiMAria. I watched some of these educational video’s from the you tube channel where they are hosted, and immediately realised just how helpful his drawing course would be for our learners. Actually for any level! I […]

The importance of the gesture in figure drawing

The first step in preparing a more sustained work. For a lot of artists, a gesture drawing is the first step in preparing a more sustained or completely rendered work. It dictates the action or structural rhythm of a pose prior to the ‘construction’ phase of the drawing. These are some of the things that […]

About LINE!

I walk the dogs every day for about 3.5 km’s. This activity takes care of my exercise needs, the dogs energy levels of course AND it gives me a solid un-interupted hour to listen to other artists talk about their work via my MOMA podcasts (that’s my favourite part). I find listening to other artists […]