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Life Drawing Resources for University / College / Secondary Art Students

Life Drawing is an essential component of an art student’s education. Access to a real life model before Tertiary level is not always possible for a wide range of reasons.

Currently our website has over 70 natural poses (male and female) made up of a variety of standing, sitting, and reclining poses filmed with a 360 degree rotation in High Definition for the purpose of figure drawing. Unlike other photo reference sites for the figure, our collection contains real video footage of all poses AND poses are natural, professional poses you would see in a real life drawing class.

A fully self contained online life drawing portal for your school

Soon, we will be releasing the next stage of Life Drawing Poses which is designed to be used in Tertiary or Secondary Institutions. This is a customised version of the Life Drawing Poses website tailored to the needs of each institution.

notifymeArt Teachers will have access to:

  • A select group (pre-selected by teacher depending on their suitability) of our Figure Drawing Poses  for students to study and draw from
  • Additional resource area which includes teachers own worksheets / course materials (teacher can also choose to have their students access some of ours)
  • A tailored password protected dashboard area for their school with school logo (see image below for example) and intro video by US or the teacher

Perfect for:

  • Distance learning / online education
  • Secondary and Tertiary art departments.

So….everything you need to help your students learn figure drawing  is all in the one place.

If you are a teacher and would like us to inform you when this new area is live and you can read more about it, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

What are you thoughts so far?

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What will our school life drawing dashboard look like?

The image below gives you an idea of what your customised dashboard might look like. Note:

– School logo / banner at top (we will create this around your logo and colors)
– Student name appears once they have logged in
– An area for a video on the right side (ours or yours)
– 2 columns of preselected female and male poses which link to each pose video see example of crouching poses here.
– 1 column with additional resources (teachers own or from the lifedrawingposes website)
– Support link (need help?) this is optional, it can be changed to link to an external site or page within the website if requested.


Figure Drawing Resources


We endeavour to have this special subscription area live by 1st July 2013. Pricing information will be available closer to this date.

Teacher Notification & Free Pass

If you are a teacher and would like us to inform you when this new area is live and you can read more about it, please complete the form below. We will use the email you provide us to set up a free week access pass so you can see our entire collection of poses.


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