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Well..I’ve been snooping around our analytics (slow day) to see what poses have been popular with our members. For our next model shoot we like to keep this information in mind. I’ve got my own personal favourites…does your include some of the poses below?

Ten most viewed figure drawing poses (Date range – Nov 1st 2011, to Jan 24th 2012).

Life Drawing Poses

1. Charlotte floor 5
2. Charlotte standing 3
3. Charlotte motion 2
4. Charlotte standing 6
5. Charlotte floor 2
6. Charlotte floor 1
7. Charlotte standing 10
8. Charlotte standing 5
9. Charlotte floor 4
10.Charlotte standing 4

It’s great to see a range of poses here – typical poses you might see in a life drawing class..I was surprised to see Charlotte Floor 5 top the charts considering it’s such a challenging pose (foreshortening = hard!).

Also great to see a motion pose in the top ten (number 3). The image below shows some of the angles from the motion pose (yep it’s one video pose – the model is moving throughout, while turning around 360 degree – cool hey!).

Charlotte motion pose

Motion poses give artists lots of different poses in each motion video. You can see part of a motion pose in this blog post from July.

I wasn’t surprised to see our female model had more views then our male model Costa. Generally in a real life drawing class, females are requested to model more then men..why?

Do you pefer drawing Men or Women?

I always answer this question with female. I like the curves, I feel they give me more to draw (which makes the session easier), more interesting angles / shapes. However, I agree with the first comment below. When we had male models at University I have had to work harder, they have challenged me in different ways and I think this is a good thing.

Some answers:

“I like drawing men, because it’s just more rare to see. The female body is beautiful, but the male body is very overlooked. When I took life drawing and painting in uni, we actually got to do more males than females and while it was more challenging, I really learned a lot more.” (source)

“Everyone would rather draw a female, because it’s easier. Curved lines & less shading. Men’s proportions are a lot harder to get right.” (source)


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