Figure drawing and paintings that I love..and pinterest!

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life drawing pinterestI’ll be pinning these stunning life drawings to our new pinterest board! I am always perusing the ever handy google for different figure studies to post here or on our facebook page. To keep images all together I thought it was about time I created a Pinterest account for LDP – dedicated to figure drawing.

If you are on pinterest, please follow us :) We are addicted of course. And..what a quick and easy way to get a dose of figure drawing inspiration before a live session or drawing from one of our models!

If you are one Pinterest too, please follow us – better yet if you have some drawings we can pin them!

Artist: Raoul Duffy

Life drawing by Raoul Duffy

Artist: Philip C (below)

(source website no longer works)

Life Drawing

source: (below)

Figure Drawing

source: (below)

Life Drawing

Amy Kate Wolfe (below)
Life Drawing

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